"We have found Riviera to be consistent in high quality rimless and sunglass wrap glazing"

Roger Pope & Partners, London
By appointment to her Majesty the Queen

Riviera for all your glazing needs..

The name Riviera Rimless has always been synonymous with the highest quality glazing. We glaze all rimless mounts from all manufacturers such as Silhouette, Stepper, Lindberg, Minima, Marchon, Swarovski, D&G, Chanel etc. Many people choose us to glaze their more specialist rimless mounts where additional skill, expertise and finnesse is needed such as Polaris, TAG-Heuer, Flair, Cartier, Gold & Wood etc. We also glaze metals, plastics, supras and inlines such as Mykita and IC Berlin.

Riviera prides itself on being able to deliver quality and consistency time and time again. We know how important it is to be dependable; from simple plastic frames with single vision stock lenses right through to the most expensive varifocals into an intricate rimless. You can trust Riviera to deliver all your practice needs.

Our whole ethos is based on technical excellence and providing products of only the very best quality and accuracy.

You can download an order form here order_form.pdf


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